Specially formulated for treatment and prevention of Iron Chlorosis, particularly in Silver Maples, Bradford Pears, and other acidic-favoring trees

Tree Fertilizer / pH Treatment (2lb)

1 Pound
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  • For reducing pH levels, allowing natural nutrient uptake, spread fertilizer around tree under drip line 2-3 times per year. 

    For maintaining healthy pH levels in soil, spread fertilizer around tree under drip line every fall.


    Product Contains:


    Nitrogen 3.84%
        (Slowly Available) 1.79%
    Phosphorpous 0.96%
    Potassium 2.62%
    Iron 8.64%
    Sulfur 30.46%
    Calacium 2.40%
    Gypsum 9.60%
    Humic Acid 6.60%
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