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bag worms




bluegrass Care

bluegrass diagnosis

bluegrass disease

bluegrass fertilizer

bluegrass Fertilizing

bluegrass Maintenance

bluegrass problems

bluegrass professional

bluegrass service

bluegrass Spraying

Bore Care

Bore control

Bore diagnosis

Bore disease

Bore Maintenance

Bore problems

Bore professional

Bore service

Bore Spraying

Buffalo grass Care

Buffalo grass diagnosis

Buffalo grass disease

Buffalo grass fertilizer

Buffalo grass Fertilizing

Buffalo grass Maintenance

Buffalo grass problems

Buffalo grass professional

Buffalo grass service

Buffalo grass Spraying

crabgrass Care

crabgrass control

crabgrass Maintenance

crabgrass problems

crabgrass professional

crabgrass service

crabgrass Spraying

fescue Care

fescue diagnosis

fescue disease

fescue fertilizer

fescue Fertilizing

fescue Maintenance

fescue problems

fescue professional

fescue service

fescue Spraying

Grass Care

Grass diagnosis

Grass disease

grass dying

Grass fertilizer

Grass Fertilizing

Grass Maintenance

Grass problems

Grass professional

Grass service

Grass Spraying

Grub Care

Grub diagnosis

Grub Maintenance

Grub problems

Grub professional

Grub service

Grub Spraying


Lawn Care

Lawn diagnosis

Lawn disease

Lawn fertilizer

Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn health

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn problems

Lawn professional

Lawn service

Lawn Spraying

pine moth

pine tip moth

Pro Cut

Pro Scapes

Pro spray


spider mites

sticker Care

sticker control

sticker Maintenance

sticker problems

sticker professional

sticker service

sticker Spraying

Tree Care

Tree diagnosis

Tree disease

tree dying

Tree fertilizer

Tree Fertilizing

tree fungus

tree iron

Tree Maintenance

Tree problems

Tree professional

Tree service

Tree Spraying

turf doctor

vegetation management


weed Care

weed control

weed Maintenance

weed problems

weed professional

weed service

weed Spraying


wood bore

yard Care

yard diagnosis

yard disease

yard fertilizer

yard Fertilizing

yard Maintenance

yard problems

yard professional

yard service

yard Spraying

Lawn care, Tree Care, lawn maintenance, grub prevention grub treatment, tree treatment, lawn spraying, yard care, weed control, weed spraying

Lawn care, lawn maintenance, fertilizing


We offer a variety of services, including lawn care, tree care, and total vegetation management for residential and commercial areas.

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yard spraying, lawn spraying, yard care, lawn care, lawn maintenance, lawn programs, grub prevention, grubs, grub treatment, fertilizing, weed control
trees, tree care, tree treatment, tree maintenance, wood bore, bag worms, bagworms, yellow trees
weed control, weed sraying, bareground spraying, vegetation management

We offer lawn programs suitted to your lawn.  Choose between our Five-Step Program and our Low-Maintenance Program.

We treat all types of trees for nearly all types of ailments, including wood bore, bagworms, elm beetles, iron chlorosis, blight, and much more.

Our total vegetation management program eleminates all types of vegetation in prescribed areas for residential, commercial, industrial, and right of way areas.  


“Pro-Tech has been spraying my yard for about twenty years now.  They have always been so knowledgable, and have been able to keep my lawn looking like the best in town.”

Helen L., Garden City, KS

“I used to have my lawn sprayed by a different company, which was cheaper than Pro-Tech.  After about a year of fighting weeds and my grass looking sick, I finally called Pro-Tech.  My lawn has never looked better.”

Jack S., Dodge City, KS

“Pro-Tech has always been so professional and caring.  I can tell that they really care about me as a customer.”




Dianne H., Liberal, KS

Pro-Tech Spraying service, lawncare southwest Kansas
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